Buddhist Psychology Course




Hope you are well.
There’s something important I wanted to share…

We began ‘The Bodhi Tree: Applied Buddhist Psychology Course’ in 2017 with many aspirations to benefit others, considerable insecurities about our own capacities to do justice to this immeasurable wisdom, courage that came from the support of the teachings and the teachers, and so much love and trust from each participant. ☺️??

In 2018, we began to partner with BALM to offer a similar program in Applied Buddhist Psychology (ABP) in Chennai as well.
It has been an exquisite time…of immeasurable learning, of fun, of growth, of connecting with the most wonderful people and organisations and so much more..
Between these 9 batches in Mumbai and Chennai, the learnings, the experiences, the relationships and the memories have all been incredible and invaluable.
And I wanted to express my gratitude to you for that.
Thank you.

In this period so many causes and conditions have changed, including the place I call home.
And so, as we move out of COVID, lockdowns and WFH scenarios (I hope) it makes sense for this offering- that our course has been- to close.

This new tenth batch of ‘The Bodhi Tree: Applied Buddhist Psychology Course’ will be the last course offered by ARTH, in Mumbai in this format.

We will hit a longer pause after March 2023 to think about the new ways to bring benefit to others.

As practitioners of impermanence, we feel fortunate that we can plan this ‘end’, knowing fully well that that there’s also a ‘beginning’ and some ‘growing’ in there somewhere ☺️
Thank you for walking with us, and for giving us the honor of walking with you.

If there is anyone you know who would benefit from the course, please inform them that this will be the last batch of this course.

Sending much love and gratitude your way

The prospectus, FAQ sheet and application form have been uploaded here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nfjaJireWXcMoQV9OEKcLQc6GloyICXD?usp=sharing