A virus has led to a pandemic, and that has had implications on our economy, our lifestyles, our physical and mental health. The lockdown has triggered anxieties, aggravated existing challenges for those dealing with mental health issues and so much more.

ARTH has been happy to offer Mental Health Awareness programs for groups, organizations and corporates with an aim of developing a deeper understanding of mental health, being able to identify signs of distress in friends/colleagues and ways of making a referral to professionals.

ARTH also offers a curated program called ‘Pradnya Smriti: Remembering the Wisdom’ which brings ancient Indian wisdom to our daily lives over a series of 4-8 sessions.

If you represent a group or organization and would like to know more about our trainings, please mail us at [email protected]

At Ngarik Gyatsal Ling, Guwahati (Dec 2019)
ZOOM SESSION, 25/07/2020